With the advantages that come with it, buying timber whose sale from a bulk supplier is much better than buying from a seller. Some of the reasons are, it’s affordable, convenient and there’s insurance to get the top quality.

Why You Should Buy Timber In Bulk?

just as it has been for many timbers merchant in the past, you must be buying your wood from a local or bulk supplier. For many reasons, buying timber in bulk is always a good idea. To begin with, there’s always a high guarantee to get quality timber at a cheaper rate when you decide to buy from a bulk wood supplier instead of a retail supplier. That’s because the cost of the wood (processing, transport, etc.) will be reduced significantly when you decide to buy in bulk. Second, there’s the advantage of getting high-quality timber when buying from a well-respected bulk timber exporter. Top timber suppliers like Cameroon-Wood have a reputation to uphold and will always deliver the best quality timber at the lowest possible prices. Also, we at Cameroon-Wood have very strong support to take care of the cost, in a case where a customer needs support or help after a recent order, we will never leave you suspended. Call us today to know more.

Cameroon-Wood is the leading timber supplier & Exporter in Africa.

Cameroon-Wood is the leading exporter of African wood species and also a variety of timber such as afrormosia sawn timber, azobe timber, bilinga, bubinga, doussie timber, ebony sawn timber, iroko and ekop-beli.


#1 Cameroon’s bulk wood supplier

As Cameroon’s #1 bulk wood supplier, to both our customers through the globe, we deliver to them both fresh and processed timber profiles, floorboards, and decking planks. It’s always our best effort to continue producing and delivering top-grade timber in this time of century of which to meet our customer’s needs.

We have a great number of varieties of African timber and machined softwood for you to choose your desired choice. Just as we supply timber in standard sizes and shapes, the customer also has the request to custom sizing if he/she has anything particular in mind.

We also provide a numerous number of timber-related services such as timber treatment, moulding, tanalising, timber harvesting, processing, drying, and timber brokerage services, which are aimed at providing to our customers the best value at wholesale prices to our clients globally.

We have a valid license which was obtained from the Cameroon local authorities for the extraction and processing of the wood in our Cameroon mill. the timber which is being extracted is supplied directly from the company mill and all the supplies and exports under the law. In addition to our services, we also take care of any customs prerequisites and when delivering timber to international locations. The timbers that we produced are processed using a unique manner which makes them strong and quite durable.

This procedure makes the timber suitable for a wide range of application, some of which includes working projects such as construction, flooring, roofing, windows making, profiles, boat building, decking, and many more.

From the time the timber is selected to its processing, packaging, and delivery, our services take care of everything so that, you will get the desired top-grade timber delivered to your address anywhere in the world.

To know more about our services, timber sizes, and quality available with Cameroon-Wood, contact us or visit our website. We are the best bulk wood exporter in Cameroon and provide our customers with 100% satisfaction and guarantee for all supplies.

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